Monday, 10 August 2015

#PB10for10 Board Book Edition

It's that time of year again... August 10th, which means #PB10for10! Thank you to +Cathy Mere and +Mandy Robek for creating this amazing day to share our picture book love with one another. [Click here for more great blogs that are linked with PB10for10.]

I truly love this day - but my husband probably hates, as my list of books to buy grows exponentially. As I eagerly await to write out my own list, I have to pause and reflect of the fact that I haven't created a blog post for 2 years. 2 YEARS! I had no idea it has been THAT long. However, in the past 2 years, a lot has happened. Emma arrived 15 months ago and our lives have changed completely. Previous to that, I was in my pregnancy bubble and apparently forgot I even had a blog. Blogging has just not been a top priority. I've been away from my classroom since May 2014. Instead, I have been mommy - my favourite role, by far! [Side note: I'm going back into the classroom in September and look forward to my teaching role again. I love teaching, I have just been in a bubble for the past year and half.] Since I haven't been in the classroom for the past year, I've decided that my PB10for10 is a going to be a little different this year. Instead of 10 pictures books, I'm going to list 10 board books that my 15 month old couldn't live without. She has been a book lover since she was 5 months old - maybe younger (insert smile of her proud mama here!). Every morning we wake up and read books together and every night before she goes to bed, she reads books with her daddy. Not to mention all the reading we do between those times. So, without further ado, here is my list of 10 Picture Books (Board Books) that my daughter, (not to mention my husband or I) couldn't live without. [Each title is linked to the specific book on]

10. Baby Touch and Feel books
Some of these books were her first favourites. They are very simple, with only a word on the page with a picture, but the key is that they have textures on each page. As she first began to look at these books, I would help her touch the textures. Now as we read, she picks up my hand to touch the textures if I forget.

9. Mortimer - by Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch is such a great author for kids of all ages. Emma loves this book, especially when her Daddy reads it to her before bed, as Mortimer has such a great "bedtime" song and it needs to be sung properly to thoroughly enjoy it.

8. Pat the Bunny - by Dorothy Kinhardt
I grew up with this book, as did many others, I'm sure - so it's a bit "old fashioned" as it follows the lives of Paul and Judy, but another one of Emma's favourite. I think she enjoyed this book when she was quite young, as the pages were easy to turn since they are binded together with a plastic comb. She could easily turn the pages independently and quickly learned to find the page with the mirror. She really just enjoyed seeing herself!

7. Daddy Hugs - by Karen Katz
This book was a father's day present. I love this one because of the numbers. It counts from 1 to 10, but it portrays each number in words, numbers and pictures. As we read this book, we point to each heart to count the number and then point out the actual number. As a teacher, this book is a fantastic introduction to numbers in pictures, numbers and words.

6. I Love You Through and Through
- by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak and Caroline Jayne Church
This book talks about the love someone has for their child. Loving their smile, their nose, being loud, being silly, all aspects of a baby. I've been reading this book to Emma since I was pregnant. It was my 1 book that I read each night as I sat thinking of the future with a baby. There are other books in the series that are just as sweet and easy to read, that have become favourites in our household.

5. I Love My Mommy - by Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd
I bought myself this book for mother's day (but let my husband and Emma give it to me on the day) because once I read it at Chapters, I had to buy it. This rhyming book flows so easily and captures the love between a mom and a baby. Simple story, but sweet. We both love reading this rhyming book.

4. Pajama Time - by Sandra Boynton
I was given this book from my 17 year old nephew, as this was his favourite bedtime story when he was little. It's a story about a bunch of animals that are getting ready for bed and the fun they have as they get ready. Sandra Boynton is such a creative author that captures fun and rhyme in easy to read stories. Most of her books are Emma's favourite as loves the rhyme and repetition and the pictures always add to the fun.

3. Hug by Jez Alborough
This book is almost wordless. "Hug" is the key word for this cute story of Bobo the chimpanzee looking for his mother for a hug and on his journey notices all of the other animals hugging each other. At the end, Bobo and his mommy reunite and hug, which always produces a smile on Emma's face when she sees them each other hug at the end. I've created my own story with this book, but it goes to show how pictures can tell a story. A great book to use with my Grade Ones as well.

2. Gossie - by Olivier Dunrea
This story is about a Gosling who likes to wear bright red boots until one day when she can't find her boots. It's a simple story with simple illustrations, but there's just something about the book that has quickly become a family favourite. Gossie also have friends that have books that we have been collecting as well. Some friends don't want to nap, other are forgetful, each book has a simple storyline that has us coming back to read again and again.

1. You're My Little Bunny - by Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott
This book is one we have read over and over, usually before nap time or bedtime. I've memorized this one months ago, as the rhyme makes each page flow so easily. The book goes through the simple adventures of a bunny and her mommy. The illustrations are soft and adds to the cozy feeling of the book. A definite favourite for our family.

Well, there you have it. Our 10 favourite board books that our 15 month old loves. I could go on and on about the other favourites we have, but I'll keep it simple and stop here. It's not the traditional classroom list of picture books, but in my life right now, these are the books that have my attention and I have grown to love. What board books can you not live without? Maybe you have one that we need to add to our collection, I'd love to hear!


  1. Pajama Time! I may or may not have been reciting this when I saw it on your post. My boys are 6 and 10, and I still have tubs of board books in the basement, because I can't bear to part with them. Blessings to you as you enter the classroom again in September.

    1. It's just one of those books that gets stuck in your head! :) I love that you still have your board books! I will probably be the same and won't be able to give them away. Thanks for your comment, Kendra!

  2. Hi Jenny! My children are now 12 - almost 13. OMG not sure how that happened. I just ran downstairs and looked on the book shelf where I kept our favourite board book titles. Here are some I think you would love (you may already know them) Goodnight Gorilla, Fish Eyes, Ten Minutes till Bedtime, More More More Said the Baby and Hop on Pop! There are so many wonderful board books out now - do you know We All Count by Julie Flett? I also like Little You, Hug Time and the Steve Light titles like Trains Go I have board books in my room that are shared when the Ks come up for buddy reading! Enjoy your last few weeks of full time Mamahood!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I love that you still have your board books, I'm sure I will too. I never fully understood the expression "time flies" until I had a child and have watched her grow up so quickly. I'm afraid if I blink she'll be as old as your children! Thanks for the book suggestions. We own a few of those titles, but lots of new ones to check out. Once again, you have me racing to the library (or bookstore) to find more great books! :)