Friday, 27 July 2012

Change... scary or exciting?

This new school year brings some new and exciting adventures my way. I've moved schools (again) this year. This will be my 8th classroom to set up in 7 years of teaching. The downfall of being an LTO means I need to pack up and leave at the end of each year. I've gained HUGE experience by getting to be a part of so many different schools and meeting so many fantastic teachers on the way, so I really can't complain about moving so much! This year after getting a full time contract, I didn't think I would go anywhere... then my dream job came up. I couldn't pass it up just because I was "lazy" of moving again. So here I am, moving into my 8th classroom. The excitement this brings is beyond words! I'm in my dream school, teaching grade 1with so much technology available. I'll have a SMARTboard, document camera, wifi and 5 classroom ipod touches (a class set if I want to sign them out). There may be possibly more, but that's what I know of right now. My goal is to get an iPad or two in there by the end of the year as well!

All this can really be summed into one word... CHANGE.

But change can be a good thing, even if starting something new is scary. I'm going to have to change to how I teach - I was in a portable last year with very limited technology teaching grade 3. I'm jumping into a tech school teaching grade 1.

But change is good - it makes me look at how I taught things before and evaluate what worked and what didn't. I've been reading other teachers' blogs and have been so impressed on what they've been doing. (If you want to build up your own PLN check out this website: it has classroom and teacher blogs organized by grades. AMAZING!)

Really, the point for me is this: I want to be the best teacher I can be.

The technology I'll have in my classroom is going to be wonderful; however, it is only a tool in the classroom for learning. Just like hundreds charts and 2-sided counters are tools for math. I need to remind myself that as I get excited about all the possibilities. I need to do what works best in my classroom for my specific students. I want to use the technology to help gain understanding and learning from the curriculum I need to address. Teaching the fundamentals are essential, using technology to help is only a bonus.

How have you integrated technology into your classroom to help teach the curriculum?

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