Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First Blog!

Today is the start of something new.

I've just set up my own personal blog. 

Quite honestly, this scares me. A LOT. However, I've been told many times that blogging can be so important for my own personal growth as a teacher, that I just can't ignore it anymore.

This blog is going to be my space to write out my thoughts and try and organize my thinking of teaching. I love teaching and being in a classroom. As we head midway through the summer, I know I still have time to enjoy and relax but I also know I need to get back into my classroom and start getting ready for September. I have a lot of new experiences this year. I'm changing schools, changing grades and jumping head first into technology. My new school is a technology school. I want to embrace this tool as something for my students that will help and encourage them in their learning journey. I hope that this blog will help me get through my crazy new year as I embark on something new and exciting!

Will my blog be successful? Who knows... but does it matter? This is really just for me. It still scares me... but I'm going to press on anyway. Here are my reasons for why I haven't started blogging yet...

1. time consuming - I already spend too much time on school stuff... will this be another thing to take time away from my husband and other interests?

2. what will I say? - do I really have something important to say that needs to be posted on the Internet for anyone to read?

3. being a perfectionist - I like things done well... this is new, this might be messy, I might make mistakes. I need to be okay with that.

I'm not sure those really qualify for being great reasons NOT to blog, so here I am. Trying it out. Next step: Pressing Publish.

I would love your thoughts on how you felt when you first started your blog. Are there any tips you can share with me, that I can get the most out of blogging?

Thanks for reading and for your encouragement!

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